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Not The Path To Narnia celebrates the playful balance between the whimsy & the elegant, bridging the fantastical gap between literature, media & the world of fashion.

Launched in 2016, ntptn is a blog for the fashion minded bibliophile. Here we explore and share mixing high end fashion with our love of books and media. In for the adventure? Follow on Instagram!

The girl behind the wardrobe

Currently based in Orlando, Not the Path to Narnia was founded by Kat.

It was an idea that grew from my love of a great literary adventure and fashion. I’ve always loved the classics, both in books and style. I often found myself creating ensembles with my own inspired twist. I knew it was finally time to take this from notes on napkins to better platform.

The name Not the Path to Narnia came about during one particular closet organization session with my good friend Jen. She joked that I was disappointed that, upon reaching the back of my closet, I found only drywall rather than a path to somewhere fantastical—unfortunately, my closet was not the path to Narnia that I desired.

In addition to running this blog, I am an assistant manager in a bridal salon where I work with couples and their families to find the wedding attire that best fits their personal style and vision for their big day, as well as outfitting many other formal events from birthdays & anniversaries to conventions & debutante balls.


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