Book Birthday Wishlist!

I never used to be excited for my birthday growing up. Like any book lover, I rarely ever received BOOKS. Now that I am older and have amazing friends who also love books and reading, books for gifts are a MUST for any occasion. My birthday is this Saturday (Yay! Aries!) and I would love to treat myself to some new releases or some new-to-me authors. What do you recommend I pick up? Check out my full list here:


Shop: Eliza and Her Monsters / Ink, Iron, and Glass / Queens of Geek / The Way You Make Me Feel / Starry Eyes / American Panda

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  1. I’ve had my eye on queen of geek for a while! I haven’t read it but the cover keeps pulling me in! You’ll have to por a review if you decide to pick it up!

  2. Ohhh can we just talk about how cute all of these covers are? I feel like I need Starry Eyes on my shelf ASAP. This is such a good list ☺️ Happy early birthday!!

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