Book Birthday Wishlist!

I never used to be excited for my birthday growing up. Like any book lover, I rarely ever received BOOKS. Now that I am older and have amazing friends who also love books and reading, books for gifts are a MUST for any occasion. My birthday is this Saturday (Yay! Aries!) and I would love to treat myself to some new releases or some new-to-me authors. What do you recommend I pick up? Check out my full list here:


Shop: Eliza and Her Monsters / Ink, Iron, and Glass / Queens of Geek / The Way You Make Me Feel / Starry Eyes / American Panda

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  1. I’ve had my eye on queen of geek for a while! I haven’t read it but the cover keeps pulling me in! You’ll have to por a review if you decide to pick it up!

  2. Ohhh can we just talk about how cute all of these covers are? I feel like I need Starry Eyes on my shelf ASAP. This is such a good list ☺️ Happy early birthday!!

  3. Okay so I feel the pain – I usually don’t get the books I’m so hoping for for my birthday either! But I did get two shiny new reads this year that I’m excited to dig into. And one of them is on this list! New books are the best gifts, especially when the person gifting them knows your style.

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