August Book Wrap Up


After wallowing through The Raven Cycle (4 Book Series) through most of the summer, I fell into a reading slump. I wasn’t ready to leave the magical residence of Cabeswater and Henrietta, VA. With a growing to be read pile and summer activities a-plenty scheduled, I knew I had to get out of this book hangover and fast.

The cure for any book hangover is absolutely an R.S. Grey novel. If you read my April Wrap up , you already know how much I love R.S. GREY! Her books are the right amount of spicy, hilarious and heart warming. Along with the latest R.S. Grey novel, I dove straight into the fantasy genre tackling the very wonderful Sarah J Maas books A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses). Along with an amazing author and bookstagrammer, James Fahy and his glorious read
Isle of Winds (The Changeling Series) (Volume 1). I also finished reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2, Special Rehearsal Edition Script. 5 books in one month is some kind of record considering my slow pace this summer. Keeping reading for my overview on all these great books!


The Summer Games: Out of Bounds by R.S. Grey : 5/5 stars 

This book is so steamy! I have thoroughly enjoyed my adventure through R.S. Grey’s Olympic themed books but this one is by far my favourite. Brie Watson has worked so hard to gain her first spot on the Olympic gymnastic team and unlike her team mates she know the sacrifices her single mother has made to get her here. Brie is more than determined to win gold but the question is, will she sacrifice herself to get there? Her coach, Erik Winter, is not who she expects. He is young, untested as a coach in the Olympic arena, and the sexiest man she has ever encountered. Sparks do not fly at their first meeting. In fact, they push each other’s buttons in all the wrong ways. Brie and Erik are both headstrong and focused on their own end game. It’s quite the journey and I could not wait to see who would give in first, who would drive the other crazy. This is not just another steamy sport romance book, there is so much backstory to these characters that I could not help but related a lot to Brie and root for Erik. I highly recommend this book (along with the rest of this series by R.S. Grey)


The Isle of Winds by James Fahy: 5/5 stars

This middle grade read took me completely by surprise. I was expecting your usual “boy suddenly orphaned, finds himself eye-balls deep in magic and adventure ensues” type of story with the typical supporting characters. But the Isle of Winds is so much more! It iss fast paced and so much fun. Definitely a Harry Potter meets Narnia with a twist. The thing that I enjoyed the most about this book is that it definitely pushes the reader to stay involved and learn along with Robin. I was never bored and literally couldn’t wait to dive back in after work. The world building is absolutely wonderful and the supporting characters are as multidimensional as Robin. I cannot wait for book 2, The Drowned Tomb! Which made my Fall 2016 Most Anticipated Reads list here.


A Court of Thorns and Roses / A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas: 4/5 stars

If you follow me on Instagram, it’s no secret I enjoyed ACOMAF so much more than ACOTAR. Mists and Fury absolutely gets 5/5 stars while Thorns and Roses gets 3/5 stars. I knew in typical SJ Maas fashion the second book would pick up where the first did not. This starts off as a Beauty and the Beast fairytale retelling (of sorts). In Thorns and Roses our heroine, Feyre, is one of three sisters. With a disabled father and two older entitled siblings, Feyre is left to provide for her starving family. It is the dead of winter and she alone hunts the wild woods outside their small cottage on her own. *SPOILERS AHEAD* Out of desperation she makes a risky kill which eventually leads to her capture by the neighboring Faerie court. What Feyre does not know, is that she is the only who is able to break their curse. The thing that irked me the most in this book is Tamlin. I don’t like that, even with the limitations of their curse, so much was still withheld from Feyre, that she was coddled and turned into this pampered human to be kept. All that fire and will to live was smothered and almost put out entirely. The trials under the mountain really showed the Spring Court’s true colors. This is where our hero of Mists and Fury, Rhysand, interacts with Feyre and the real intrigue begins.

Mists and Fury is an entirely new journey for Feyre. Recently turned in one of the Fae, Feyre is suffering from a deep dark depression. Tamlin, keeps her confined to the house, still withholds information from her and kills what will is left in Feyre to survive. It is Rhysand and his connection with Feyre that brings her out of this depression. The Night Court, is full of the depravity and vile activities you would expect after ‘under the mountain’. But our High Lord Rhysand is not without his secrets. It is Velaris, the city of starlight and Rhysand’s real inner circle that teach Feyre to save herself. Her transformation in this book is book is spectacular. I also must commend Sarah J Maas for not shoving her abuse, depression and the after effects under the rug. She dealt with it so well and the characters actually discuss their own issues and how they have learned to move forward rather well. It was refreshing to see this for once, to see a twisted relationship in a YA/NA book addressed for what it is instead of romanticized.

The next installment in this series cannot come soon enough!


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Screenplay 4/5 Stars

I only recently finished this book and I still feel like I am wrapped up in the feels. I enjoyed this trip down memory lane. It was bittersweet and a bit odd to revisit the Golden Trio now that they are married, working real jobs and have children. The next generation of wizards deserve their own series of books! Albus and Scorpious are the best of friends and that power of love and family will always remain a constant in this world for me. I am not 100% sure I loved the story. I have a feeling a lot of what is missing might be filled in on stage and I am most anxious to see it in person. I can visualize this as a book though and I know it would be glorious. I cannot wait for the magic to continue in Fantastic Beasts in November. Anyone else as excited as I am?


Over all it was a great month of reading. I am looking forward to a season full of new releases! My September to be read is currently listed on Instagram. What are you looking forward to this month?

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  1. Looks like you had a great reading month! In the month of September, I’m looking forward to read A Torch Against the Night and Crooked Kingdoms 🙂

  2. Oh man, you know I feel about A Court of Mist and Fury! SUCH HEART EYES OKAY! I am currently reading Queen of Shadows but Cursed Child is next on my to-read list. I am intrigued by Isle of Winds and think I need to look into it. It looks fascinating!!

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