Book Review: The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett

The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti  5/5 stars

I absolutely LOVE this book! Hawthorn is one truly unique girl. The way she views the world captures all those truths everyone is thinking but never says out loud. Hawthorn fully lacks that fear (or common sense as the case may be). She yearns to fit in, to find magic and adventure in her everyday life, and to retain her sense of self while living amidst a dying town.





In her journey to find out what really happened to missing 20-something Lizzie Lovett, former Queen B of Hawthorn’s high school, she soon finds herself immersed in Lizzie’s life. She takes up Lizzie’s old job, befriends her boyfriend and soon finds herself obsessed with a girl she thought she knew. Lizzie’s life is anything but what Hawthorn expected and she soon finds herself struggling to reconcile the Lizzie she perceived in school with the Lizzie who is missing.


Through all of this Hawthorn’s struggle to accept herself and her own truths alongside Lizzie’s is at times heartbreaking. It’s raw and emotional. Sedoti has such an amazing narrative voice. Hawthorn is so very believable. This book is absolutely haunting and beautiful. Chelsea Sedoti stole my heart within mere pages and I do not know that I have ever related to a YA character as much as I do Hawthorn. This is right up there with The Serpent King for best 2016 reads for me. I cannot wait to see what comes next!

Thank you so much to Sourcebooks Fire, NetGalley and to author Chelsea Sedoti providing this ARC!



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  1. Definitely an intriguing concept for a book. I you seem to speak really highly of it and everything you’ve said makes me want to read it!

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