No Ordinary Star: An Ode to SciFi with a Modern Twist

You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them. – Ray Bradbury


The world as we know it has changed. Humans are genetically engineered, boys grow up to the soldiers and girls grow up to workers on distant planets and islands. The government has sourced all necessary nutrients and essential vitamins into pills so food and medicine is unnecessary. Life, as know it, has changed. For one soldier his entire world is flipped upside down when he receives a message calling him to an ice shack in the arctic. For one match girl her life is changed when fate steps in and changes her course.

Wow. This book is so beautifully written! I wasn’t sure what to expect. MC Frank’s No Ordinary Star is a wonderful start to a epic series. This story echoes my love of scifi from the days I devoured everything Bradbury, Asimov and Pullman. I love a great character driven plot. The pace is steady, I was never bored and I always wanted to know more. The world and it’s history in the year 2524 is easy to keep up with, though shocking with how things have changed from our present day. I love that books are dangerous weapons and no one allowed them. It is crazy to think that the world of No Ordinary Star is a very possible future for us.

It’s also interesting to see how Astra and Felix interact with each other and the “old timer” environment they find themselves. What is a spoon? What is Christmas? I can only imagine it’s like discovering another culture and trying to make sense of that world. Yet, they still press on, they still find the strength to survive and adapt. Astra is a bright star, she is my absolute favourite thing about this entire book. It is not often I come across strong female characters in this genre. She is nothing if not fierce and a force to be reckoned with. Astra is also very much vulnerable.

I cannot wait to see where this series goes! I am ready for part 2!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. THANK YOU M.C. Frank!

No Ordinary Star (Volume 1)

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  1. I love me some scifi and goodness I love this photo – so many things I love in there! I might have to check out this read.

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