Top 5 Wednesday: Tired Book Trends


Today’s topic is all about book trends I’m tired of! Brace yourselves book lovers… I didn’t realize this would be so easy.


This blogging meme was created by YouTuber Lainey  and is now operated from her GoodReads group.




  1. Special Editions for Different Retailers: This is might be my number one pet peeve right now. Publishers have taken to releasing special editions with fan art or different short stories in the SAME BOOK but these items are only available from certain retailer editions. It feels like someone out there is trying to take all my money. I understand different book swag available to different countries or different covers (because let’s be honest here, not all covers appeal to every market) but this tactic bothers me a lot. It wreaks of greed.
  2. Changing Cover Styles Half Way Through A Series: This doesn’t happen as often anymore but I remember one year, a lot of YA and fantasy novels received a face lift and that meant upcoming new releases would not match your earlier editions OR they were all suddenly being printed in hardcover first instead of paperback (and there was never any confirmation if they earlier paperback editions would be later re-released in hardcover). I hate to abandon my books so I do have a few duplicates of series
  3. Gendered Cover: These are books featuring female protagonists or written by women which are given extremely “girly” covers no matter the content. This discourages A LOT of people (not just boys) from picking up a book they might otherwise enjoy. These covers contribute to the impossible beauty standards young girls face as well as show a complete lack of diversity.
  4. Stickers on the cover: Those “easy to remove” are such LIES. I have a system to effectively remove these, but I really shouldn’t need it. No stickers. That’s great if the book has a tv/movie/miniseries based on it out now/coming soon but I do not need this GLUED to my precious front cover. 
  5. Movie Covers: These kill me. I love the original art and all that magic that goes into a series, why mess that up with your movie tie in? Leave me with your gold foil, bookish maps, and gorgeously illustrated art that stands up ten fold to that easily outdated movie tie in!


Here are some trends I do quite adore! What are you  most loved or hated cover trends?

Natural Aesthetic:

Custom Designed by Artists:

Color filled and Minimal:

All the shiny things!:



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  1. I agree with the custom edition thingy. The problem is, not every retailer has international stores and it’s so sad for us international fan to see gorgeous edition, but not available in our place. And it definitely feel like the publishers are milking it. If it’s like 10th anniversary edition then it’s fine, but if you have different edition for every retailer then it’s definitely milking.

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