Lamppost Luminary: BookBeau

Guys, if you have been following me on social media then you know my love for Benita and her BookBeau’s! What is a BookBeau you ask? Well, it’s the best thing EVER INVENTED FOR BOOKS. It’s a well constructed sleeve that protects your books through your daily adventures. It keeps the pages from getting dirty, the covers stay flat and do not flip up and the spines are still legible!



Keep reading below to learn more about the brains behind BookBeau about being a business owner and book lover!

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Lamppost Luminary: buttermybooks


Hey there Narnians! If you follow ntptn on Twitter or Instagram you know my love for Summer and her amazing book recs, subscription box reviews (music + books = dance party!) and all around great time to be had on her social media platforms. I had the lovely opportunity to chat with one of the kindest book bloggers about our mutual love of fashion, reading and music and here is what ensued…

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Lamppost Luminary: SophiewithaZ

All photos in this post courtesy of SophiewithaZ

This month’s current Lamppost Luminary is one of my biggest supporters in, well, life is this amazing lady right here – Zophie. (That is pronounced Sophie, with a Z). We met one fandom-filled day on tumblr, searching for similar pieces as-seen on various T.V. shows. We bonded over Teen Wolf, Marvel, Potter and eveything else. She is an uber talented artist, a fledging fashionista and one of my biggest champions. This blog wouldn’t have come together without her. Her designs brought Not The Path To Narnia to life. She is my girl Friday and also the person behind the graphics of Not The Path To Narnia!

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Lamppost Luminary: SincerelySara

All photos in this post courtesy of Sincerely, Sara

It is safe to say I live, eat and breathe books & fashion. Bookstagram is my home away from home. So when I come across a fellow bookstagrammer as into fashion as much as I am you can definitely bet I am drawn in like a moth to a flame. Sara is absolutely wonderful! Not only does she have a great instagram account, she also writes at Sincerely, Sara. I am in love with her inspired sets based on books and prominent fictional characters. She was kind enough to do an interview with me so pull up a seat and enjoy!

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