New Year New Me

GOAL: the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.


Happy New Year my lovelies! I am not a fan of the term “resolution” when it comes to the start of a new year. It implies an absolute and I am all about flexibility. This year I have a lot of goals and the adaptability to achieve them. The first of many goals for the year is to step outside my comfort zone. Too often I have limited myself based on circumstance and what I perceive to be a road block. Not this year.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Diana Kelly Photography in December on a very cool photo shoot. We visited Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World during their magical holiday time! It’s been a while since I’ve done photos for myself and this Riverdale meets Hogwarts styled shoot was everything I could have hoped for! Diana captured my inner Veronica Lodge, Slytherin Head Girl vibe to a lacey tee. I am so excited to share these photos. It is the start of something absolutely magical.

So here’s to 2018 and reaching your goals. To stepping outside your comfort zone and learning who you are and what you are REALLY made of. 


 Forever 21 Lace Top, Slytherin Head Girl Pin, Urban Outfitters Plaid Skirt, Forever 21 bow belt, Luna Lovegood Wand


 Forever 21 Lace Top, Slytherin Head Girl Pin, Urban Outfitters Plaid SkirtLuna Lovegood Wand, Black Tights, Coach Wedge Booties


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  1. I love these photos so much! You’re so beautiful! I always make a couple random resolutions to help motivate myself but who are we kidding…. I usually forget lol

  2. Oh my god Kat, these pictures are lovely! You look absolutely gorgeous and it’s like they’re drifting me away in another world.
    We can dream about going to Hogwarts together can we? Even trough I’m sure we’d probably get ourselves in trouble pretty soon 😂
    And I understand about not feeling good about fixed resolutions. But stepping out of the comfort zone more often sounds like a lovely inspiration to me. I’m excited to see and hear what the New Years brings to you and your career. I wish you all the best my dear ♥️

  3. Okay, but these photos are astounding. I think photoshoots with good photographers are an amazing confidence booster and now that I’ve tried it, I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone. I remember feeling super awkward at first and unsure but my photographer made me feel at ease and beautiful. It was a real treat. Anyway, your photos are stunning and I am excited to see you step out of your comfort zone and really push yourself. I feel like it’s always been my personal goal to kind of push people in that direction, myself included, and there’s nothing like a new adventure to make you feel exhilarated and like you could take on the world. I didn’t make resolutions per se but I did set goals for myself, goals to help me on my journey towards my best self. Hopefully I can make changes in my life that will make my life even a little better.

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