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Guys, if you have been following me on social media then you know my love for Benita and her BookBeau’s! What is a BookBeau you ask? Well, it’s the best thing EVER INVENTED FOR BOOKS. It’s a well constructed sleeve that protects your books through your daily adventures. It keeps the pages from getting dirty, the covers stay flat and do not flip up and the spines are still legible!



Keep reading below to learn more about the brains behind BookBeau about being a business owner and book lover!

How did you come up with the idea for BookBeau?

I came up with the idea once I started going to signings. I didn’t want my books to get damaged and there really wasn’t anything out there. 


img_20160925_223653You saw a need and filled it! I love that you created this from the ground up. 

I’m really lazy! Which sounds really bad because I do work really hard. I took a sewing class, with a bunch of pregnant moms actually. I was the only one there for books. 



I am surprised to hear you just recently learned how to sew and figured out how to construct the beau’s. They are absolutely amazing and I know I cannot live without mine. How long have you been working on the beau’s?

4 months! I only open my shop when I have products to sell that way I can keep up with everyone and no one is left waiting for an order to be filled.


Summer (buttermybooks) was the first person I saw with your beau’s. She has rocked being your first rep, what was it like when you first approached her about the BookBeau’s?

When I found Summer, I had 20 followers and 15 sales. I saw her account on someone else’s bookstagram and I emailed her and asked her to be a rep. She didn’t even think twice about it and was enthusiastic about the idea. 

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Summer, from ButterProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetMyBooks, wrote a really great piece about the trials of book life with and without a BookBeau here.





We have seen numerous designs in your shop literally sell out in seconds! What inspires your fabric choices for the beaus? Are current trends in fashion considered?

Me!! I pick what I like and when I started I really had nothing to go off of. Now I’m looking for fabric that is photogenic and what bookstagrammers would like. Pretty much a little of everything! I’m not influenced by fashion. I was never very girly in that sense. I am a very good listener and I do look for designs that are suggested.


What are your most popular/requested designs? 

Black arrows! And also the maps.


I feel like we could talk about this all night! What are you top reads of 2016 so far? (What Would Benita BookBeau?)

Paper Princess: A Novel (The Royals) and Broken Prince: A Novel (The Royals). Also Fighting Temptation (Men Of Honor) (Volume 1) by K.C. Lynn got me out of a huge book slump.


What is your favourite genre to read?Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

New Adult and Romance.


Who are your favourite authors?

I am a straight fangirl. K.C. Lynn, Kim Holden (Brightside is the most amazing book I have ever read. It will make you beautiful ugly cry), Colleen Hoover – I live so close to the Bookworm Shop. 


This is awesome Benita! I love seeing your success in our bookstagram community. Where do you see yourself in a year?

Hopefully working on BookBeau’s full time and working at events/fairs. I want to give this 100% of my time, energy, and love. I am a buyer and a customer through and through. I want to be successful and meet my clients, hear them and see them. Let them know they are part of something.

My next goal is to make it onto the Buzzfeed Booklovers Christmas List. 


Are you intimidated by the pressure?

This is how I work BEST. That’s my life, it’s always been all or nothing. I feel like the longevity of BookBeau is there. I have so many ideas, I can definitely grow with this business. It’s really important to me to make a name for myself and have great customer service. My biggest thing is why I am doing this. I love to read and I love the community.


Speaking of community, Are you inspired by some of the bookstagram businesses we have all come to love?

Yes. Roxy and Frostbeard Studios, they were the first book candle company and look how many people they have inspired now as well. Also Justine from Appraising Pages.

The coolest part has been the people I have met. As a booklover, you don’t always have a lot of real life friends, connecting with people like Summer, yourself, Carol, Lisa, Sam and Crystal has been really amazing.


This has been one of my FAVOURITE interviews to date! Thank you so much Benita for being this month’s inspirational Lamppost Luminary. I cannot wait to see your little business grow and keep that positivty going. You are truly amazing in all that you do.


Future Events: (subject to change)

November 12 2016: Little Rock Book Jam

February 11 2017: Dallas Holiday with the Belles

October 14 2017: Big Apple Author Event


Keep up with Benita and her amazing BookBeau’s here: Instagram / Etsy Shop / Facebook






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  1. I’ve yet to come across bookbeau until now, but I’m definitely interested in them!!! The patterns are so adorable and I really want one :O I’m not much of an avid reader myself (I never seem to be able to make time for reading!) but I can still see myself using a super cute book beau!

  2. This sounds like a cool, innovative product that I need to try! Plus it’s super cute. I never really thought about it but it’s true – my books do get a little worn in transit. I love seeing book lovers contribute to the community and share that passion!

  3. Now that I’ve read aboutit, I need one! This idea is so amazing!!
    As someone who constantly carries her books around, this will finally prevent them from looking awful 🙂

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