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This month’s current Lamppost Luminary is one of my biggest supporters in, well, life is this amazing lady right here – Zophie. (That is pronounced Sophie, with a Z). We met one fandom-filled day on tumblr, searching for similar pieces as-seen on various T.V. shows. We bonded over Teen Wolf, Marvel, Potter and eveything else. She is an uber talented artist, a fledging fashionista and one of my biggest champions. This blog wouldn’t have come together without her. Her designs brought Not The Path To Narnia to life. She is my girl Friday and also the person behind the graphics of Not The Path To Narnia!

What pulled you into fashion?

I was just about to enter my second year in college and I stumbled across an Exact Match post for a piece of Lydia Martin clothing, a character for the TV show Teen Wolf. That led me into a downward spiral of hunting down exact Lydia Martin pieces. Since then, I’ve left the Teen Wolf fandom behind but that experience really helped me step out of my comfort zone and explore different styles that I normally would not have ventured into.


miss patinatopshop logoWho are your favourite brands or stores?

I love love love TopShop and Miss Patina. I also hate hate hate the USD to GBP conversion rate.


What are your key pieces/go-to pieces in your wardrobe?

This is really new for me, but one of my recent go to piece is this pair of light wash Calvin Klein jeans. If I told myself this three months prior, I’d call myself a liar because I was one of those who firmly believed leading a no-pants lifestyle. However, I picked up this pair of relaxed fit jeans from Costco of all places and I have not stopped wearing them since. They make me feel like a laid back tomboy and I love it, especially when I pair it with a cute sweater or something plaid.


You know I love a great pair of shoes or bag with any outfit. Tell us about your favourite accessories for the season. 

Some accessories that I love are round glasses and sunglasses; they give off that vintage-y vibe that I love! Other than that, I always go out with a small shoulder bag; it’s super convenient and compact.

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How does your design work inspire or carry over into your daily style?

As a graphic designer, I’m very big on two things: minimalism and bold pops of colors. This is definitely reflected in what I look for when assembling my outfits on a daily basis. I always gravitate towards the more minimalist outfits, but I do love prints and pops of colors.





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Cat Lovers Dress by Miss Patina

Who are your fashion icons/inspirations?

It used to be Lydia Martin but now I’d say Marzia Bisognin, Taylor Swift, and Zoe Sugg. They effortlessly combine femininity in such a classic, timeless way that I really look up to.


What are you favourite trends?

Collars and high waisted things! I feel like all tops and dresses are automatically 20x cuter if they’ve got some sort of collar on them! And high waisted clothes (skirts, jeans, shorts) are so form flattering. It also gives a bit of a vintage, classy, old-school twist to any outfit.


Now that we have covered all things current, what would you say are your can’t live without classic pieces?

Some of my favorite classics are comfy black ankle booties and cardigans. Those two pieces I find myself wearing the most often because they can be paired with basically anything!


Thank you so much my darling Zophie! Do you have a friend who is your “Girl Friday” or who you are the “Girl Friday”? Tell me about your bestie in the comments below.



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  1. Adore the shots of Zophie! I got into fashion in pretty much the same way. TW is like a gateway drug into high end pieces! I felt that putting yourself into someone else’s shoes gives you the confidence to wear what you normally wouldn’t, which then leads to creating choices of your own! Great and interesting article 🙂

  2. I love the cuteness and originality displayed in the style here! I have yet to find the pair of pants that will convert me, though. Maybe someday!! As for besties, I’ve never been the type to have just one. Different people fulfill different roles in my life and I’m okay with that! Great article and it’s so wonderful that you were able to spotlight someone who is so important to you. 💜

    1. I don’t know too many people who have just one BEST friend anymore. I think as I’ve grown older, the people who have stuck around through everything and the new friends I’ve made all have their place in my life and no one is necessarily the best. I have my book-friends, con-friends, work associates, etc. It makes for many adventures.

  3. This was such a great read! I’m so glad I found Sophie through your ntptn designs!

    And you totally know who my Girl Friday is… VBF! 😍

  4. I enjoyed reading this article a lot! Very unique questions and I can relate a lot to Zophie. I just got into fashion the same way she did!

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