Hello 2017!


Hello Monday!


Lately I’ve become a very goal driven person. I have so many milestones I am ready to achieve but I do not let it consume my every waking moment. With that being said, I do not believe in New Year’s Resolutions, that unattainable feeling and overwhelming year-long struggle.


Here’s to being happy each and every day, for living in the moment and taking time to enjoy the little things. Here’s to not dieting or body shaming myself, not budgeting, not finding a new relationship. I am going to focus on being HEALTHY and HAPPY. On spending some much needed time with Daughter and exploring the world through her eyes.


Life is short and we must embrace it with everything we have.


Happy New Year and welcome to 2017!


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Weekly Fave: The Melting Library


With Christmas on Sunday and the Holiday’s in full swing, it feels like the perfect time to feature one of my favourite candle companies! I first heard about The Melting Library through my fellow book blogger/bookstagrammer, Summer. This amazing shop is based out of Brooklyn, New York and is run by Raquel and her amazing team! They make hand poured book inspired soy candles. Keep reading to check out my favourite scents and products from their store…



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Book Review: The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett

The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti  5/5 stars

I absolutely LOVE this book! Hawthorn is one truly unique girl. The way she views the world captures all those truths everyone is thinking but never says out loud. Hawthorn fully lacks that fear (or common sense as the case may be). She yearns to fit in, to find magic and adventure in her everyday life, and to retain her sense of self while living amidst a dying town.





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Merry and Bright: The Winter Wishlist Edit

The Holiday Season is in full swing! It’s time break out the cozy sweaters and enjoy that cool weather while we have it. I love reading outside this time of year, making hot chocolate with my daughter and decorating for the holidays. It’s also fun to get dressed up for a party or two. It’s hard to believe the year is almost over. Before we know it, 2017 will have snuck up on us.

Keep reading to view my favourite winter items and see what is on my wish list!


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Weekly Fave: Kitten Keep Designs

With the holidays right around the corner and everyone searching for that something different, I knew it was time to feature Kitten Keep Designs! Kitten Keep Designs was started by my dear friend Alaina. She creates vinyl decals, canvas art, and coffee mugs, inspired by fandom’s from books, gaming, TV/movies, and more. Plus, cats! She is absolutely our go-to gal for custom pieces! Check out my top favourite items from her Etsy shop below the cut….


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November Wrap Up



Not as many books covered this month as I had hoped but still so many amazing reads! Anyone else catch the Gilmore Girls Revival? I must admit with so many amazing movies (Fantastic Beasts!) and T.V. releases this month I didn’t read nearly as much as I hoped to.

Check out this months book wrap up below…


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Weekly Fave: Queenie’s Cards


Founded by Queenie Best, queenie’s cards is a stationery and gifts company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is definitely is one of my go-to enamel pin shops. She has the cutest designs and amazing customer service!

Her designs absolutely make you smile and say “awww!”.  They are inspired by everyday life, puns and inside jokes. 

Keep reading to see some of my favourite items from Queenie’s shop!

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