Book Review: Secrets of Moldara


• Paperback: 349 pages
• Publisher: Myth Machine (June 19, 2018)


This book combines the feel of a contemporary given it’s modern day setting with elements of fantasy mixed in. It’s done so well! I absolutely love the way the fantasy and magic elements a are worked in. It’s done gradually and over the length of the story. The magic and mystery is also slowly explained with such wonderful pacing!
The cast of characters are absolutely wonderful as well. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but I can say that Lotty is absolutely amazing! I love her spunk, her loyalty to her grandfather’s memory, and her strength of self. She can certainly hold her own and the mystery her Grandpa leaves her after his passing proves to be right up her alley. Enter from stage right, a trio of trouble-making, gorgeous, foreign exchange students.

Lotty cannot escape the pull of magic that slowly winds its way around her life and into her world. The dangers that come from finding out the truth of her Grandpa’s disappearance and his unfinished tale her are catching up and it’s all Lotty can do to stay ahead of it.

I really enjoyed all of Secrets! The sneak peak into the other realm and what is to come are absolutely amazing. Lotty is so strong willed and I am so anxious to see what happens next. This story is unlike anything I’ve read and I absolutely love that the setting and characters truly feel like their own.

I highly recommend this if you love adventure, magic and knights on horseback!




The woods around Lotty’s childhood home are filling up with dangerous people. Her grandmother’s death has brought the family back from Chicago and triggered a secret Lotty was never meant to face alone. Guided by a desire to finally solve her Grandpa’s disappearance, Lotty has enlisted the help of farm hands that are keeping their own deadly secrets. Together they will have to learn to trust again, relying on each other’s will to fight, if they are going to survive the truth that waits for them all in Moldara.


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Book Birthday Wishlist!

I never used to be excited for my birthday growing up. Like any book lover, I rarely ever received BOOKS. Now that I am older and have amazing friends who also love books and reading, books for gifts are a MUST for any occasion. My birthday is this Saturday (Yay! Aries!) and I would love to treat myself to some new releases or some new-to-me authors. What do you recommend I pick up? Check out my full list here:


Shop: Eliza and Her Monsters / Ink, Iron, and Glass / Queens of Geek / The Way You Make Me Feel / Starry Eyes / American Panda

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Book Review: The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett

The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti  5/5 stars

I absolutely LOVE this book! Hawthorn is one truly unique girl. The way she views the world captures all those truths everyone is thinking but never says out loud. Hawthorn fully lacks that fear (or common sense as the case may be). She yearns to fit in, to find magic and adventure in her everyday life, and to retain her sense of self while living amidst a dying town.





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October Book Wrap Up


Happy Halloween!! October was a great month for reading and a horrible month for weather. Hurricane Matthew sought to disrupt life here but Floridians are no strangers to the bizarre and downright terrifying thing that is a hurricane. Though it missed Central Florida, where I live, our coastline is rebuilding and the states north of us are still cleaning up the mess. I did manage to read quite a bit while waiting out the storm (yay!) and in between work appointments. Hopefully Florida is in the clear until next hurricane season. Until then….

Keep reading below for my  October book wrap up!


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